No Magic Required: Master KDP Marketing

Break Free from Dismal Sales and Embarassingly Low Book Rankings...

Let's get straight to the point...

When it comes to making money in the KDP publishing space, please don't listen to anyone who tells you there isn't a surefire way to be successful or that you'll need to invest a lot of money in ads to gain traction.

Neither is true.

I've replicated my results repeatedly with different pen names, completely unrelated niches, zero following, and without spending much money on ads.

In some cases, not a single penny.

I'm talking consistent 5-figure months for several years now.

Today, I want to show you how to do the same.

Here's the thing, when publishing low, medium, and high-content books on Amazon KDP, we all follow the same initial steps:

  • We create the interiors (or repurpose existing templates), like journals, workbooks, and planners.

  • We design beautiful covers (or outsource them to seasoned designers).

  • We spend time uncovering in-demand niches.

  • We add keyword-based titles, create a book page designed to sell, sprinkle keywords into the backend, choose categories, and hit publish.

It's the same process for everyone...

So, why do some people make thousands of dollars in book sales while others make little to nothing?

More directly...

What are YOU not doing?

Do you feel that finding success on Amazon KDP is hit or miss?

That some people are just "lucky"?

Do you think those people are successful because they're better at designing books?

Have you convinced yourself that it's all because their covers were probably created by world-class graphic designers, that all the top earners invest a fortune into advertising, and so you simply can't compete?

Or maybe you assume the difference between your struggling books and those competitors who are positioned on page one is because they're all niche experts.

And well, you don't think you have what it takes.

Let's grab a coffee and take a seat, shall we?

I'm gonna be very direct with you.

You deserve nothing less.

Forgive me if my tone is blunt. That's my style when I want you to win.

That's all absolute bullshit.


There will always be someone who can design/research/market better than you.


There will always be people who hit the top 10 in every niche and make it look easy.

Push that all nonsense aside, and let's get to the real problem.

Even if you create the most stunning book cover, design a jaw-dropping interior, and find the best keywords possible, if that's as far as you're willing to go, that's why you're stuck.

The truth is that most of us who consistently net five-figure months in the low/medium and high content space are doing something most people don't do.

We have a marketing strategy in our arsenal, and we follow through on it.

Our job doesn't stop at the publish button.

We don't upload books and expect to fly high on the book charts, generating thousands of dollars in sales without adding some power behind them.

We know better.

And we know all our hard work creating low, medium, and high content books deserves better.

Success on Amazon doesn't happen by chance.

It isn't a fluke.

It doesn't happen by accident.

And it isn't because we're simply lucky.

And your lack of success isn't because you aren't.

It's because you're likely not following through on the next, most critical step in building a KDP empire designed to stand out and stand the test of time.

KDP Empire
KDP Empire

Build a successful brand instead of just another unsuccessful book...

Like in the Wonderland Land of Oz, people often think there's magic behind the scenes.

Those who skyrocket to the top of the market must know a secret they aren't privy to.

Or that there's a mystical force at play, driving success on Amazon KDP.

They envision a money-making machine behind the scenes: a marketing wizard pulling the strings and effortlessly mastering the Amazon algorithm to ensure their books sell.

They struggle to sell books because they make it seem much more complicated than it really is.

And ultimately, before too long, they'll give up.

If you think that way, you'll be happy to know that it's all nonsense—smoke and mirrors.

As Dorothy and her friends discovered, the true secret isn't magic at all. And just like them, you'd find the same thing they did.

A hard-working, ordinary person who works behind the scenes using smart, strategic marketing strategies.

Passive income is very possible on Amazon, if you use the tried-and-true methods that really work.

Successful publishers know the real power lies in understanding and putting the best marketing strategies to work.

We follow a clear, actionable plan that creates a mighty, consistent flood of traffic to our book pages.

Then we move to the next project—building our empire one book at a time.

And we make money. Lots of it. Like clockwork.

There's no mystery, but there's a proven formula behind the success...

Great news, right? It isn't about luck at all. The secret to success is a simple one...

Implement a marketing strategy that'll stand the test of time.

This one thing is likely the puzzle piece that you've been missing.

The blueprint that ensures all your hard work pays off.

With an arsenal of marketing know-how in your back pocket, you'll finally stay motivated because every newly published book will add value and money to your bank account.

You might feel like the Scarecrow, thinking you need a brain full of marketing genius, or the Cowardly Lion, lacking the courage to take the leap.

But just as they found their strengths within, you'll discover that you already have what it takes to succeed.

You'll see those royalty payments grow & grow as you hit refresh on your monthly payout report and beam with pride at what you've accomplished.

You won't feel like you're wasting precious time anymore or ever feel like a failure.

Your books are selling—every single day.

And while not every book you publish will take off, it won't matter.

You won't have to hit it out of the park every time—no more pressure.

You'll have what so many others don't—a secret source of consistent, quality traffic flooding your Amazon book pages.

If one of your books bombs, it won't make or break you.

And get this...

While there are always months that slant downward and ones that rise to the top, following the strategies you'll learn throughout this course will make building, growing, and maintaining a consistent income much easier.

Even during seasonal "down" times.

But yeah, you're gonna work for it.

I care about your success too much to sugarcoat things.

So, one more time...

There is no "Easy Money" on Amazon (this is as close as it gets...)

There never really was.

Sure, there was easier money once upon a time in a land far, far away.

But that's a story from long ago—the "good old days," as some like to say—the Amazon gold rush.

Back then, if you were among the first to self-publish in any niche or genre, you'd likely get sales, no matter what your book cover looked like or what keywords you used.

And without doing anything more than publishing books.

No external source of traffic was needed.

The royalty check might not have been anything to brag about, but at least your book was guaranteed not to be a total dud.

But guess how many fly-by, easy-money-seeking publishers are still around?

And how many of those who did nothing more than hit it and quit it still make thousands of dollars a month?

You probably can guess the answer to this question, but spoiler alert: Very few.

Pen names that once dominated the top low-content niches—were left to fade into oblivion. Completely ghosted.

Books that once sold hundreds of copies a month—buried somewhere in the darkest corners of Amazon search.

Because the so-called easy money wasn't as easy as those self-publishers thought once the marketplace got even a little crowded.

When it came time to create a long-term business on Amazon, they high-tailed it for the hills, never to be seen again.

Yet there are people, including yours truly, who have maintained a steady income from book sales since day one. For years now.

How is that possible when the market has since gotten even more crowded?

I seem to love asking you questions, but you should know the answer by now.

It's possible only because of a proven, powerful, and unbreakable marketing strategy.

There's that word again. Marketing.

Something so many self-publishers never consider, much less follow through on.

I've never really understood why when they could be making so much money with just a few simple strategies.

Building traffic funnels that drive customers to your books doesn't have to take a lot of time or money.

And none of this requires a business degree.

(Thank goodness for that because I don't have one...)

In fact, you can spend just a couple of hours a week on marketing and make more money than you'd ever be able to if your only strategy is to create books, hit the publish button, and walk away.

No Magic Required: Unveil the Strategies Behind Amazon Bestsellers

With a rock-solid system that focuses on driving quality traffic to your books, you'll never suffer publishing fatigue or burnout again.

Even your lowest monthly sales will be higher than you ever thought possible.

You'll shine month after month, regardless of the season or trend.

Break Free From Low Sales And Quickly Overcome All Your Publishing Struggles

One time payment, lifetime access.

Here's How it Works:

This is a short pre-order phase, offered only to my inner circle. It allows you to purchase in advance, set up your account, and be ready for July 19th at 12 pm EST, when the full course opens.

At that time, you'll gain full access to the complete, in-depth blueprint that teaches you how to build a profitable business on Amazon KDP.

KDP Empire will help you understand how to market your books to build a sustainable, profitable business—even if you're brand new.

By the end of this course, you'll feel confident executing each marketing step.

You likely won't need my help, but I'll be here if you do.

But that's not all...

You'll finally know how to build a loyal reader base that eagerly anticipates future releases.

You'll have a following of your own—a built-in customer hub to tap into with every new release.

You'll be a pro at maximizing your books' visibility across all platforms, quickly increasing their organic reach.

And most importantly, you'll see a massive increase in book sales!

Are you ready for the change? To build a profitable business instead of just another book?

Your Before:

You feel like you're wasting your time and that you'll never be successful unless you invest a lot of money in ads.

You wonder if you just don't have what it takes, whether it be time, money, or skill.

It all feels so damn complicated.

You're frustrated, annoyed, and ready to call it quits.

Your After:

You finally understand how to quickly drive buyers to your books without spending hours on social media.

It clicks. You see sales across the board. Even your old books are starting to sell!

You're excited about leveling up month after month, and you're super motivated.

You can't wait to create more books!

You don’t need to be a wizard to conquer the KDP marketplace.

All you need is a good strategy and the determination to succeed. KDP Empire will show you how, guiding you every step of the way.

The current pre-order option is for Kate's inner circle only and will end in:


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question not covered below? Contact Me!

What kind of books does the course focus on?

KDP Empire focuses on medium and high-content books such as planners, activity books, workbooks, journals, and guides.

While these marketing strategies can be applied to any book type, including low-content, you'll make more money if you focus on at least medium content.

Will I have to spend a lot of money on ads?

While several lessons will show you how to create low-cost campaigns powered by ads, you don't have to complete this step. It's entirely optional (though highly recommended).

Ads are an important part of the system, but the ones I'll teach you to set up won't break the bank.

Further, I don't teach TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook group marketing because I don't personally use any of those platforms to advertise my books. I like to keep things simple so I can spend more time creating what matters most: books!

When will I receive access?

You'll be given instant access to the KDP Empire training center. Please check your inbox after purchase for your access information.

In the event you need help logging into the portal, you can contact my help desk for prompt support.

What format is the training in?

The KDP Empire course is delivered through a series of organized, text-based lessons and modules. You'll also receive downloadable resources (checklists, action plans, etc).

I've broken things up in a step-by-step format.

It's like I'm sitting next to you, telling you what to do.

My bossy side certainly came out when creating the course! LOL. But if you like it when people get right to the point, you'll appreciate the direct tone.

Also, while you'll have instant access to the entire program, please follow the lessons in order. They were designed to guide you from one step to the next as quickly as possible.

I don't offer video lessons, as most students prefer text-based content. It's easier to follow and refer to, and you can print it out!

What's included with my purchase of KDP Empire?

KDP Empire covers my very best, and most current strategies.

I leave nothing out in this course, which is why it won't always be open for new enrollment. I'll close the doors from time to time to keep the community small and mighty.

In addition, the course includes a series of bite-size lessons with optional assignments so you can follow along at your own pace. No rush!

How can I reach you if I get stuck?

If you are confused about any of the course material or need extra help, you can contact me in several different ways.

You'll have access to a dedicated help desk channel and direct email.

I may offer one-on-one coaching in the future; however, that would involve a separate cost and would not be part of the KDP Empire course.

Will I learn how to design the books?

KDP Empire will show you how to drive book sales, grow your business, and maximize your monthly income.

I don't teach design-based techniques in this course. That would be outside the scope of what KDP Empire is about.

That being said, if you'd like me to recommend a design-based course, I'd be happy to refer you to a quality source for training!

Is this also for newbies?


It's important to set up a strong foundation for your KDP business as soon as possible, so if you're new to publishing medium and high-content books, this is perfect timing!

Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, KDP Empire will teach you new strategies and techniques to help you take your business to the next level.

Will I have to be on all the social media platforms?

Absolutely not. In fact, while I have personal accounts on TikTok, Instagram, and beyond, I've yet to market on any platform other than Facebook and AMS.

I don't have the time, and quite honestly, I don't have an interest. Maybe one day in the future I'll test a few TikTok and Instagram ads, and if so I'll share my findings with KDP Empire students, but not at this time.

How much time will I have to devote to this?

This is always a common question, and for good reason. Some people work full-time and can only occasionally work on their side hustles.

This question, however, is difficult to answer because it'll be different for everyone. You could spend only a few hours a week working on your KDP business and quickly level up, while another person might take longer.

With that in mind, the strategies included inside KDP Empire will guide you through the steps, allowing you to work at your own pace.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of this offer, which provides instant access to my personal strategies, resources, and downloadable guides, I do not offer refunds.

I've done my best to explain the details of this offer clearly and provide the information you need to make an informed decision.

However, if you have a question not answered on this page, please don't hesitate to contact me before purchasing.

I want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase, so if I can clarify anything for you, please get in touch.



Created by Kate Riley of Niche Raiders